Google Adsense + Pinterest … A new method to make money

Greetings to Members.
I’ve not seen here yet a journey related to Adsense. 

My plan is just this: Earn money with Adsense using Pinterest traffic.

*Plenty of images related to any niche

*Many boards with lots of followers related to my niche.

*Website optimized for Adsense.

Do not use any automated software, all will be manual work.

Details of the plan:

*Pin 20 different images every day.

*Pin every single image 4 times to 4 different boards to get maximum exposure.

*Post only quality images.

*Update your website every week with new posts.

*Increase the amount of followers in Pinterest. ( We can get plent of it from SEOclerks ).

Those were the principal details of my plan, now here are another important points:

Plan’s System:

*Modify images with Photoshop to make them more appealing. ( will increase exposure by 20%)

*Only pin images from 2pm EST – 4pm EST or 8pm EST – 11 pm EST. ( dont ask why, You will get to know later )

*Only pin images with a height from 800 px to get better exposure and more repins, likes, etc.

*Avoid spamming.


Divide your goals. Your short-term goal should be to make 5$ per day

Short-term goal: 5$/day

Medium-term goal: 20$/day (once finished first goal)

Long-term goal: 100$/day (once finished second goal)

That’s all and thank you for letting me publish this trick.
I have not tried this because off the lack of time I have. But pls someone try this.
Follow me and if it works let me know.

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